Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WUAC Wednesday

So this is finally a WUAC Wednesday that I haven't combined with another card challenge. Why you may ask? Because I'm sick and I'm tired and it's late and most of all, I'm lazy. =) So I started off this WUAC Wednesday with a 3.5"x3.5" card. I trimmed the one edge to be 1/4" shorter so I'd be able to scallop the edge and be able to fit a sentiment so your cardstock should be cut at 6.75"x3.5"
Next I took my beloved scalloped edge punch to put a nice border. Remember to scallop the shorter edge!! I've scalloped the wrong edge many many times. Now I know many of the punches we use, we face it upside down so we can see what we're punching and I was doing the same thing with the scallop edge punch, lining up the scallops from the bottom. But alas, I figured out a nicer way!! You ever go to punch an edge and realize at the end that you never end up having both sides of your paper end off on the same scallop? One side may have a full scallop while the other side has 1/2 a scallop or worse, 1/4 scallop. So what you can do now, and SU has designed it quite nicely (just took me a while to figure it out!) is take your paper and line up your two paper edges along the picture they've given you to see how you'd like the two ends to look. I've found my paper would look best with about 1/2 scallops so that's where I start. I punch right in the middle of my card (not moving my paper from where I've lined up my edges).
Next I just line up the punched scallops to the scallops on the front rather than on the bottom like I was doing before. Also helps punching this way because you can push down as opposed to using just your fingers when you had to look at the punch from the bottom to line up. I don't know about you but when I figured this out tonite, I thought it was ingenious!!! Perhaps everyone already knew this but boy do I feel SMRT!! (and yes, I meant SMRT)

These cards are super easy to make so I whipped up a bunch of them. Here I've scalloped 4 little guys.

Next I used SU's Seeing Spots stamp set that I accidently aquired when I ordered it by accident for a customer. I started with Sahara Sand and the boldest stamp out of the set.

Next I used Chocolate Chip.

Now you can put ANY color here which is the nice part. Just make sure you've got matching cardstock and any color would look great on here. I've used the retired Blue Bayou and in color Riding Hood Red.

I was looking for a nice solid sentiment and decided to steal the sentiment from SU's Upsy Daisy. I love that set. Now I didn't want to use the "for your friendship" portion so that's where SU markers come in. I love how you can pick and choose what to stamp in whatever color you want with the markers. So I took Chocolate Chip and colored just the "Thank You".

Now here's the finished card. All I did was stamp the sentiment and cut out a little strip of coordinating cardstock 3.5"x 0.75" and glued it on. I actually came up with this card one day with Regan. She was making a V-day card and I was trying to copy the Simply Sent Elements and More kit in SU's current catalogue. I made it a bit larger and gave it to Regan for her 30th birthday. I also did coordinating envelopes for these little guys.

WUAC Wednesday Rules:

1. You have 1 week to make a card inspired by the card I've made. It can be any inspiration that is related to this card. So that means it can be the same layout, design, stamp set, colors, etc etc.

2. Link it to Mister Linky below. If I find a spam link or if you link incorrectly, it will be deleted. Link to the blog entry and NOT to your general blog.

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Regan said...

LOL, I'd been thinking about that for days, but hadn't had enough energy to put it together. Feel worse today though, good thing I got it together last night!