Monday, January 31, 2011

PPC-CC #47

Holy cow! Is it just me or is time literally flying by?! Perhaps it's all this wedding stuff but boy I blink and it's another week! I haven't had a lot of crafting time because as some of you read last week, I'm moving my crafting area. I'm also trying to finalize our wedding invitations so that Jamie and I can start on those! But we can't work on invites without a proper crafting area! I'll need to post some pictures of the new area once I get it a bit more organized. We went to Ikea yesterday and bought a cheap shelf to hang along with some rods for my punches. Even though Jamie isn't happy with how it all looks, I remind him that it's a step up from what I had before so I'm happy. It's functional and it was cheap and fast to do. What would we do without cheap Ikea furniture? While you're thinking of how much Ikea furniture you have in your home, (I know you were!) I'll get to today's card. I think I'm losing my mojo a bit. This week's Picture Perfect Creations Color Combo is just gorgeous but I'm having a rough time bringing all colors together. I'm in wedding invitation mode! I tried CASEing Kristina but failed a bit when I tried to add a fat grosgrain ribbon. Anyways, hope you get a chance to pop over to the PPC-CC blog to see what the rest of the team has created. I've seen them and they're GORGEOUS! Have a great day! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafting Area Overhaul!

So much for crafting today... I decided to move my crafting area! Why you might ask? Because I used to feel the need to craft in front of the TV but then realized that I actually like crafting to just music. I also got used to using a normal desktop computer that was sitting oh so nicely on our dining room table that surfing the web on my little netbook laptop just wasn't cutting it anymore. My eyes get tired! 
This is my original crafting area. I know it's impossible to actually see where I craft but I sit in between all the stuff so I just swivel back and forth to get paper/stamps etc. Directly in front of me (and Jamie in the photo) would be the TV. 
That desk to the left is where I wanted to have my new crafting area. That desk is about 10 years old already and I've been meaning to sell it but then I figured I really like the pullout keyboard tray. 
It might not look idea because the desk hutch is sorta hanging out in the middle of nowhere but for now, it'll have to do. Jamie started talking about building a wall behind it... Yah, like we don't have enough projects on the go...
I only managed to set up the computer and the biggest accomplishment of the evening? Since the desk was 10 years old, it had accumulated a lot of crap in the drawers. I mean stuff from like junior high school/high school that I've stored in there. I found super old "Best Friend" jewelry where I have the "Best" portion. I even found my old Visa receipts stapled together from 2002, sorted by month!!! I know it doesn't look very different from pictures 3 and 4, but trust me. Jamie even called me out on not going through that desk when we moved almost 4 years ago. I just hauled the entire thing over from my parents straight into the UHaul, into the basement. At one point in the night, I had to get Jamie to stand there and remind me to throw things away because I am a mega pack-rat. More sorting needs to be done tomorrow because if I don't, I have nowhere to craft!!! 

PPC-CC #46 & FTL #124

Happy Monday morning everyone! I love having Mondays off! It gives me time to run errands and avoid the evening rush hour. I've been working on my wedding invitations, trying to choose what design I'd like to use. Today I'll run to the stationary store to pick up some sample papers to print on. Jamie's leaning towards linen paper and I'm leaning towards shimmer paper. Guess I'll need to make samples with both and see which one looks better. Onto today's card! It uses Picture Perfect Creations #46 and Fall To Layout #124. I'm very excited about all the goodies I got from Papertrey Ink. I love the stamps and even got some Nestabilities! Super fun!! Looking back as I load the picture, I would've put a scalloped circle underneath the circle just go give it more pop. Oh well! Head over to PPC to see what else the other team members came up with! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

PPC-CC Heat/Dry Emboss Challenge!

Good morning fellow crafters! Hope everyone had a great snowy cold weekend indoors crafting! I have to confess, I did very little crafting. Why you might ask? Because there are better things to do when it's -25 degrees Celsius outside and that's taking engagement photos! It wasn't the engagement photos that are included in our wedding package. We (I) decided to trek out to take some snowy shots because it just looked so beautiful outside with the snow falling all weekend. It was just oh so much fun that we did it both days. So in the little crafting that I did do, I was excited to create a card for this week's Picture Perfect Creations Challenge: heat/dry emboss! I love embossing of any sorts and I remember at my very first Stampin' Up workshop, it was the gold embossing powder that really wowed me. 
But gold has collected dust. I've found a new love and that love is as strong as ever. It's Iridescent Ice. The clear embossing powder with glitter from Stampin' Up. It's always my go to for embossing powder and that hasn't changed in say... oh ever! This card is a complete replica of the one Maile made. It's not as nice, but I just adore the card. Hopefully you get a chance to join us this week at PPC!! Have a great day and stay warm! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Add Ink #50

Just a quick (Ha! Yah right...) card to post before I head off to bed. I wanted to CASE the card seen on Clean & Simple Stamping's blog. You can see the original here. The colors are almost identical to Just Add Ink's #50 color combo. I didn't realize how HUGE my squares were until I cut them all out! And since it's past midnight, I figured I better just get the darn card done and head to bed. The daisy is from a retired Stampin' Up set called Petal Prints (LOOOVE IT and so glad I bought it on ebay) and the sentiment is from Papertrey Ink Signature Greetings. Hope you all have a great sleep! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Project Count

Do you ever feel discouraged that you don't create enough or use your crafting items enough? I feel that constantly. I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on stamps, embellishments, paper and the list goes on and on. What do I have to show for it? Some would say I've got a basement full of "stuff". If a thief knew how much my crafting supplies was worth, they'd hit my house first. Good thing I've got a nice big scary looking dog with a loud piercing bark. Khuno would definitely lick the thief into surrendering.

Remember when I had joined the No Paper/Product Buying Challenge a while back? The post can be found here. I really liked the idea of tracking the number of projects I completed. Instead of counting up to 100, I decided to count down from 100. I think it' be really fun to actually count upwards and see how many projects I complete in 2011. I'm not off to a very good start with a whooping 2 projects so far but it'll be cool to see if I can hit a few hundred projects. Maybe I'll even hit 1000 because I know I'll be making my wedding invitations so that's already 150-200 projects right there! 

So feel free to join in on the count! Lets see if we can all hit 1000!!! 
Lets get ready to CRAFT!!! (I imagined all of us saying it like the boxing announcer that says "Lets get ready to rumble!)

1. PPC-CC 44 
2. PPC-CC 45 & Fall To Layout 122
3. Just Add Ink #50-made 2 of them! 
4. PPC-CC Heat/dry emboss-made 2 again! 
5. Made 11 of these to swap at my demonstrator meeting! 
6. PPC-CC 46 & Fall To Layout 124
7. PPC-CC 47
8. Vintage Blue-made 2
9. PPC-CC 48
10. PPC-CC 49
11. Valentine's Day (16 projects)
12. 2 more chocolate holders
13. 2 waterfall cards
14. PPC-CC #49 & SSSC #105
15. SSSC #106
16. PPC-CC #50 & Card Patterns #104
17. PPC-CC #51
18. Farewell
19. 110 wedding invites! 
20. 25 mini thank you cards 

PPC-CC #45 & Fall To Layout #122

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you all had a great weekend. I spent most of my weekend at home because we had a major dump of snow in Edmonton. I managed to do a bit more wedding planning so that's a bonus! Onto today's card. This week over at the Picture Perfect Creations blog, we're up to challenge #45!!! Boy Megan really stumps me sometimes! It's fun creating with colors that I'd never normally put together. I absolutely hate River Rock and Wild Wasabi. I met both colors when I was first introduced to Stampin' Up. I was a complete beginner and ended up ordering a bunch of random stuff. Well, can you believe I still have my packages of River Rock and Wild Wasabi? That's how much I use them. Enough about my dislikes! I've combined this week's colors with Clean & Simple's Fall to Layout #122. I ended up flipping the sketch just so I could make 2 cards out of 1 sheet of card stock. I'm really loving the sketch and I'll definitely be going back to it! Hopefully you all get a chance to pop on over to PPC to see what the design team has created! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

PPC-CC #44 & SSC98

Good morning everyone and happy New Year!!! How incredibly insane that it's already 2011. I swear, time flies by when you're older and it just crawls when you're in school. What better way to ring in the new year than with some crafting time! Megan over at Picture Perfect Creations has another awesome color challenge. Can't believe we're already up to #44! I combined it with Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #98. I remember when I first laid eyes on Pendent Park. I knew I just had to have it! But once I got my hands on it, I never got to ink it up very often. This is the second time I've made a card with it. Hopefully it'll get some more lovin' in 2011. Head on over to the PPC blog to see what the other design team members have created! Hope you get a chance to join us this week!