Monday, February 28, 2011

SSSC #106

Omg omg omg! It's 1:09 AM and I have to work in in about 7 hours. It is my dear friend Arlie's birthday well... yesterday! I wanted to make a special blue card for her because it's her favorite color. I combined it with Sweet Sunday's Sketch Challenge #105. Originally I wasn't going to have the yellow butterfly but when I was stamping the flower underneath it, I accidentally stamped a bit of the edge of the rubber and the little line of extra blue was driving me crazy. I like the little pop of yellow. Brings a bit of cheer to the card! Hopefully she likes it and I know she's going to tsk tsk me for staying up so late. But it was totally worth it! Happy birthday Arlie!!! 
 PS. Stay tuned for a new post from PPC! I'll need to write it up when I come home after work tomorrow! 


Catie Cuddles said...

lovely design and the yellow butterfly makes it pop perfectly!

~amy~ said...

very pretty!

Grandma (Arlie) said...

You are right Sandy......tsk, tsk. But I love it! And all the thought you put into it. Thanks so much!