Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vintage Blue

Is it 2:00 AM? Why yes it is! I'm absolutely exhausted but really felt the need to craft tonight. I was poking around on the ColorQ challenge blog and fell in love with Christina's card. Thinking it looked super simple to CASE, I decided to make a whopping two cards. I always forget that I'm a ridiculously slow crafter and 3 hours later, I finally get the cards done and photos taken. I absolutely love the paper. I dug it out of my big ol' box of paper from K&Company. Wonder why it took me 3 hours instead of say, 20 minutes? I like to hum and ha about everything. Deciding what colors and papers took about 5 minutes. The 1.75 hour part was figuring out what sentiment/stamps, layers of punches and buttons to use. I just can't throw it on paper and make it look good on the first try. I wasted about 5 different punched out shapes and I laid out about 10 different configurations on where to put the sentiment, how to layer the punched shapes (vertical or horizontal) and where to put the darn thing .
I love the faux stitching effect because the thought of actually sewing just tires me out. I'd be posting this card at 6 AM! I deliberately drew in the faux stitching messily so it'd look more like scraggly stitching. Love it! 
I'm loving the color combination and I might just have to make a few more cards with it! Gotta use up that piece that's leftover which I used as a photo background. 

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Julie said...

Sandy the cards are soooo pretty!! I can't believe it only took you 3 hours! lol.. seriously.. it took me 8 hours even when you had pre-cut, pre-designed a perfect layout for me (rememeber?)