Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Project Count

Do you ever feel discouraged that you don't create enough or use your crafting items enough? I feel that constantly. I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on stamps, embellishments, paper and the list goes on and on. What do I have to show for it? Some would say I've got a basement full of "stuff". If a thief knew how much my crafting supplies was worth, they'd hit my house first. Good thing I've got a nice big scary looking dog with a loud piercing bark. Khuno would definitely lick the thief into surrendering.

Remember when I had joined the No Paper/Product Buying Challenge a while back? The post can be found here. I really liked the idea of tracking the number of projects I completed. Instead of counting up to 100, I decided to count down from 100. I think it' be really fun to actually count upwards and see how many projects I complete in 2011. I'm not off to a very good start with a whooping 2 projects so far but it'll be cool to see if I can hit a few hundred projects. Maybe I'll even hit 1000 because I know I'll be making my wedding invitations so that's already 150-200 projects right there! 

So feel free to join in on the count! Lets see if we can all hit 1000!!! 
Lets get ready to CRAFT!!! (I imagined all of us saying it like the boxing announcer that says "Lets get ready to rumble!)

1. PPC-CC 44 
2. PPC-CC 45 & Fall To Layout 122
3. Just Add Ink #50-made 2 of them! 
4. PPC-CC Heat/dry emboss-made 2 again! 
5. Made 11 of these to swap at my demonstrator meeting! 
6. PPC-CC 46 & Fall To Layout 124
7. PPC-CC 47
8. Vintage Blue-made 2
9. PPC-CC 48
10. PPC-CC 49
11. Valentine's Day (16 projects)
12. 2 more chocolate holders
13. 2 waterfall cards
14. PPC-CC #49 & SSSC #105
15. SSSC #106
16. PPC-CC #50 & Card Patterns #104
17. PPC-CC #51
18. Farewell
19. 110 wedding invites! 
20. 25 mini thank you cards 

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