Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Chaos That Is My Refuge

I know everyone can relate to this post. =) At work, I hate disorganized work stations. Everything should be labelled, put in a binder or filed. At home... completely different story. I'm lucky enough to have the entire basement as my crafting area and I hope that when we start thinking about renovations for the basement, I'll be able to keep a large portion of the basement dedicated to my hobbies, with the exception of perhaps more built in shelving that will keep me more organized. In the meantime, my basement looks like the aftermath of a tornado with winds gusting up to 130 km/h. I have no shame in sharing my crafting area with you all because I know every one of you who reads this blog has tornadoes hitting on a regular basis too. So without further adieu, I present to you all, my basement refuge. 
 I sit right on the middle of all this stuff so I have essentially 3 work surfaces. The one on left is my stamping area. The computer is where I lay out a lot of random things and blog of course. The right hand side which you can't see is where I keep my Simply Scored board and my Big Shot. There's actually a table that is an extension of my desk that you'll see in the last photo. 
This photo was taken this morning, no tidying, no adding of things (except my cup o' joe). 
 I realized I haven't labelled these new In Color stamp pads yet so that's why they are all laid out. I usually punch out a piece of the coordinating card stock with the word window punch and glue it onto the end of the stamp pad. It makes it way easier to see and sort. Stampin' Up sells sheets of labels with the ink pad names but I find this way much better. I don't have to worry about buying more labels if I get new In Colors or perhaps it's the simple fact that my aging eyes don't like reading those little tiny black letters. 
That table on the right is the extension I was talking about. It's got my big cutting mat on it for when I sew and need to cut fabric. Right now, it's storage for my thank you cards and that big red box of Project Life items. The table at the back is where I usually hold workshops but again, it's used for massive storage right now. So that's half my basement. Hope you enjoyed the tour and I would love to see your space so leave me a link to your post if you have something up already on your blog. =) Happy Sunday everyone. 

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