Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Treats

This is an easy peasy project for Halloween if you're wanting to spice up those  appetizers for your party. These pinwheels have been around since Stampin' Up! came out with Simply Scored. Just cut 1"x12" strips of paper, score every 1/2" and then flip the paper over and score every 1/4". Then fold along the score lines (remember the bump gets folded into the middle of the fold) alternating like an accordion. Cut off one of the last 1/4" panels and attach some Sticky Strip to it. Glue together and punch out a 1 1/2"circle as a base. You can try using several pieces of Sticky Strip on the circle or use a Sticky Sheet. Push the centre of the paper down and while keeping the circular shape, put your punched out circle down to secure the pinwheel. Add a sentiment, tape onto wooden sticks and viola! Happy Halloween! 

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