Sunday, December 14, 2008

CPS 95 Attempt.... Failed...

I've had a hard time making the time to just sit down and make cards, especially with the holiday season and all the busy things that come with it. So I've found this awesome site, Snappy Stampin' With Arielle that posts card challenges for every single day of the week!! So it's been added to my favorites and hopefully it'll push me to make more cards.

So I poked around Arielle's site and looked up what was for Sunday and found Card Positioning Systems . Check out the site for tons of different layouts. You can click on a link for previous challenges and see loads of fun layouts for inspiration. So I looked at the CPS 95 and attempted to make some sort of card for it but I ended up with... something that doesn't look anything like the challenge template!

I have a hard time getting those eyelets place in exactly the same spot on all corners. If anyone has any tips for me, leave me a note!

Now to end off, I just wanted to thank my friend Jinnee for making me this beautiful Christmas card.

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SnappyStamper said...

I LOVE your card! It may not exactly look like the sketch, but it's totally NOT a failure!!!

I'm glad you like the challenge list, I made it to keep myself straight (and productive!)!
With a 6 month old @ home, I found that I feel more driven going by a sketch or color inspiration... I try to stamp something everyday, which is sometimes impossible!

Stamp snappy!