Thursday, August 2, 2012

Words, Words, Words.

I absolutely adore Crumb Cake. I love how it's neutral enough to use everywhere but not so plain that it's blah. Here I've CASEd the lovely BeStempelt. I think she's German? I'm totally guessing based off the blog's foreign language. I really like how her image was stamped onto a longer piece of card stock. Unfortunately, I looked and looked but couldn't find a stamp that had a nice long stem like hers. Instead of actual pearls like she used, I used Liquid Pearls. Remember those? The trick to having them not look like little pointy pieces of poop or a cold nipple is after you've applied it, hold your card stock up face up and flick it from underneath a few times. This settles the liquid a bit and makes it look more rounded. 

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