Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give Thanks... Again! And Photography Mumbo-Jumbo

I had originally wanted to make 2 of the same cards when I was crafting on Sunday night but realized that I wanted to use some Chocolate Chip ribbon instead of Pear Pizzazz like on my previous card. I finally got around to finishing the second Give Thanks card. I normally wouldn't have posted this but decided to for 3 reasons: 1. I wanted to knock another card off of my No paper/product buying challenge. 2. I wanted to share a story that my friend Arlie told me. 3. I wanted to test out a new camera lens that Jamie had purchased today. I didn't crop the photo and I didn't take it on a white background like I normally do because the lens we got is a fixed lens that really creates that nice fuzzy out of focus background and a sharp main image. This first image is on the "A" mode on my camera. The "A" stands for aperture priority mode. I didn't actually adjust anything on this photo except the white balance to match my lamps. 
Jamie said the salesman warned him this might happen. The lens focuses so well that often times if you don't have the setting right, it'll literally focus on someone's nose instead of their whole face. That's what happened in that first photo. I tried fiddling with the settings and turned up (or down..?) my aperture. So the f number got bigger. That means my field of depth is bigger so a larger f number means more of my picture will be in focus and vice versa. A smaller f number means a smaller field of depth so there'll be a small area in focus and a lot of blurry fuzz. I cranked up the sucker and this is how it changed the photo.  
Not sure if you can see the difference, but the words are actually clearer in this second picture. If I kept cranking up the aperture or f value, then that computer in the background would have continued to get clearer/sharper. Compare the computer in both photos and you'll see what I mean. I'm very very happy with my little camera which is a beginner SLR Nikon D60. The new lens is a Nikkor 50mm f1.4?? I just read that off the top of the lens! I wanted to take it out for some fall shots but Jamie hasn't purchased some sort of protective cover for the lens yet so we don't want to expose it to outdoors yet. 

Now onto my story from Arlie (and I hope she's ok with me sharing!). I don't know if I have all the facts right but a little grade 1 boy goes up to his teacher and says, "Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith. I've had a catastrophe in the urinal! I was trying to hold up my pants and my penis slipped back in while I was peeing!" LOL! Now I told Jamie the story and his first reaction was more of contemplation and then he says, "Oh yeah... That can happen." I guess every boy needs to eventually learn to stand with his legs apart so his pants don't fall down! Lets just hope none of the girls heard/saw him! Have a great day everyone! 

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