Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daisy's 30th Birthday!

My good friend Daisy turned 30 this past week and I had organized a surprise birthday party for her. She was totally clueless and it was an awesome surprise because she wanted her 30th birthday to pass without commotion. Being a good friend, of course I couldn't let that happen! So on top of decorating her desk the night before her big day (thanks Amber for the awesome idea!), we managed to organize a dinner and gift for her right under her nose! 
She loves ribbon, buttons and green! Not really knowing what to get her, I decided to just collect donations for a gift. At first I was thinking something along the lines of spa to pamper her aging skin but then came up with a cooler idea. I know she's been wanting a new phone and has been looking at the iPhone4. So the money collected was put into a tin that I altered to look like an iPhone4! Took me till 3 am but it was totally worth it! 


Cynthia and Van Blog said...

Whoa, great job on the tin can! I had to keep zooming on the phone just to see it wasn't the real thing!

Tamie said...

Love those circles and ooooo the embossing is fabby! Great birthday card Sandy!