Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Sale on Etsy!!

Oh my goodness!! I'm sooo excited!! I just logged onto my Etsy account about 30 minutes ago and found out someone bought a card!! It was the happy birthday card made with the Wow Flowers stamp set.

I wanted to see my items sell but I guess I never really thought they'd actually sell.. And now that something sold, I'm all nervous and my belly is in knots. Questions like:
1. How am I going to ship it?
2. Am I actually going to lose money with shipping?
3. What if the person doesn't like the card?
4. What if it gets lost in the mail?
5. How do I work the whole PayPal thing?
6. Do I need to put a shipping label?
7. Should I email the buyer on Etsy to confirm the address?
8. Do I even need to confirm it if it's already on PayPal?
9. Oh my did this person seriously buy something??
10. Why didn't this person add my store to their list of favorites if they were willing to buy something from me?
11. Seriously? I made a sale?
12. Should I buy more shipping items?
13. Should I actually go and price out how much it costs to ship?
14. Holy PayPal took $0.50 out of the $4.00 that was paid to me as service charge.
15. Are there other payment options?
16. How do I get the money from PayPal into my pocket?

That's about all I've got so far. We'll see if more come up when I actually go to ship the item tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. I've emailed the buyer on Etsy AND to the regular PayPal email to confirm the address. I kindly asked Jamie to go to Staples to buy me some shipping envelopes. I did do some shopping for those shipping envelopes on my day off and the cheapest one I found costs about $0.40 an envelope but I'd have to buy 250 of them... So in the meantime, lets not get ahead of ourselves and buy 250 envelopes. I think the 6 pack from Staples will suffice for now. And I guess I'll finally learn what's cheaper and safer to ship with tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you share some of my excitement too!!

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spunkyrooster said...

'How do I get the money from PayPal into my pocket?'

You have to link a bank account to your pay pal account, so you can transfer money from pay pal to you. It's kind of confusing.