Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo Taking HORRORS

Now did anyone ever think that taking a decent photo would be this difficult? I just spent the last 2 hours fiddling and trying to take a decent photo to post my cards. I have a hard time taking photos during the day because I'm always busy or I'm at work so as the night owl that I am, I'm finding myself stuck with taking photos at night.

So I did some reading on tips and I started off with a photo light box which Jamie was going to make me. So he goes out to Home Depot to buy this huge sheet of some sort of posterboard. Cost him $20. He hacks up the huge sheet (we're talking like 1/2 a sheet of drywall size) so it can fit into his little Cavalier to drive home. That very same week, he strolls into Office Depot to find that they're going out of business! So he pokes around and finds a photo light box for $40. So knowing Jamie, he buys it. Now you'd think that having this photo box would help with my photos... Unfortunately it really hasn't. I don't know all these crazy settings on the cameras and I had to ask Jamie why my pictures were so blurry!! Darn that macro button. Now I'm asking around and find out I should play with my white brightness on my camera. Ok so now I've done that and it just makes everything look... well.. like when you are watching tv and you turn the brightness WAY up and it's like blaring bright but yet all the colors are still faded. So finally today we were at Ikea and we found this super cheap $10 desk lamp. The kind that clips onto the side of your desk. Threw in a bulb and tried and tried between my camera, Jamie's camera, my desk with the lamp and the lightbox. I still haven't been really able to perfect it.

My old photos I thought looked pretty good but there's something wonky with our desktop and all my photos look great on there! But on any other computer, my photos have this weird yellowish hue... If you don't believe me, check out all the cards in my Etsy shop. Or easier yet, just check out the photos from my previous posts. Anything that's got a picture of a card will be a picture of a card with yellowishness. Gross..
So I think I've finally gotten a somewhat decent (nowhere near good) photo. And I'm calling it a night before I get more frustrated and smash that new lamp I bought.

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