Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Spent with Friends

So yesterday afternoon was spent with friends, food and cards! I had a bunch of friends over from work and we had a mini potluck yesterday afternoon. It was really fun to get together outside of work on a weekend and no one was rushed to go home and it wasn't late in the day. It was awesome! The picture is missing little Daisy who was late because she was baking biscuits FROM SCRATCH!

We had two cards to make and I decided to introduce aqua painting. Everyone in the group was absolutely AWESOME! Everyone stepped out of the box and because we had it at my house, they had full access to all of my stamps and inks. So all of them ventured out and their creative juices were pouring!! They changed up the layouts, colors, the coloring. It was so much fun to see the wheels turn for everyone when they put their own special touch in and made their card their own.

I had lots of fun and I hope everyone else did too. I'm excited for the next time we get together and we'll have a new catalogue to buy from! Khuno had lots of fun too hanging out around all the ladies! It's been a looong time since I've held a workshop and yesterday just got me all amped up to get organized and have more!

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hollyzhobby said...

I absolutely adore your dog.