Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jamie's First Post On My Blog

This isn't actually Jamie... But I'm posting for him because he's way too lazy to do it. He had already made me a wonderful pair of green handwarmers. He made another pair in red but he made them a bit small and the green ones were a bit big. So now he's gotta make one right in the middle =)

So here is the first pic of the beautiful warmers that Jamie knit. Yes, those are my ridiculously old looking hands in the picture. Guess that's what happens when you wash your hands too much and you don't lotion enough. You have no idea how ridiculous I felt trying to "pose" these warmers for the picture. So he finished those this afternoon and he started working on a baby hat!! We were out shopping and found this ridiculously cute book on baby hats.

So this hat fits a newborn and the hat style is called "flour sac". How cute is that? The book shows this hat in white but Jamie decided to knit it in turquoise. Looks quite blue in the picture but it's actually more turquoise. The two corners are just tied with yarn to create those cute little ear like points. He'll probably start selling these items when he's made a few more. He's currently knitting a different hat behind me right now but in a large size just to see the difference between a small and large.
So when Jamie finally gets a knitting blog up and running, he'll post on there and I'll have a link from my blog but in the meantime, blue font colored posts will be Jamie's and mine will remain pink. Have a good night!! Hopefully you don't have to work tomorrow like Jamie and I.

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Cynthia said...

holy moly, jamie knits fast! Very very cute... good job jamie! :)