Friday, January 30, 2009

Ear Gluing

So we finally found out just over a month ago that Khuno's ears should have perked as early as probably 8 weeks. So now that he's 9 months... we're upset that the breeder Vanderbilt Samoyeds never told us about gluing his ears up. It wasn't until I asked her through email about when his ears were supposed to perk did she tell me that I should glue them. And we did more reading and found out you're supposed to glue their ears to help them perk when they're TEETHING!! And he's way past teething now. He was probably teething at like 3-4 months.. sigh. So anyways we ordered some Jiffy Sew as the breeder suggested and it cost us flipping $20 including shipping from Pet Supply House. For some reason they felt the need to ship us this tiny tube of glue in a huge box with paper padding.. therefore charging us just over $10 to ship it!! Ridiculous. AND they requested a signature! So we got the first tube of glue and it ends up being all putty like and we emailed the website and Jiffy Sew and Pet Supply House managed to send us a new one. Their explanation was that extreme temperatures can cause that change. And of course that was the time where western Canada was having the -40 degree celsius temperatures. The Jiffy Sew owner was incredibly nice and really helpful even though we didn't buy his product from his site.
So all this post was really meant for was a before we glued his ears and pictures of how his ears look 5 min after we applied the glue (badly). Hope you enjoy! I call his newly glued ears little devil ears. =)
I tried to glue his left ear to the fur in the middle of his head cuz the glue wasn't holding so for a while his ears were glued back and all Jamie could say was, "That doesn't look right. What if they stay like that?" and all Khuno had to do was do a quick shake and again his ears went floppy. So I tried to apply more glue along the inner edges. And now that I'm typing this, I wonder if I remembered incorrectly and was supposed to glue the outer edges... Hm.... I'll have to look that up again. Anywho, don't mind his eye crap, we didn't get a chance to clean them before the picture.


rohini u said...

hi there -- i'm curious how your dog's ears came out. was google searching how to glue/tape a samoyed's ears -- as ours is a little over 6 months old, we've taped his ears a couple times, and they are still not fully pointed. please comment back, or email me at spamtastique (at) yahoo (dot) com . thanks so much -- rohini

Sandy Khau said...

Hi Rohini, the glue never did work so our dog's ears are floppy most of the time. They do perk up when he's on high alert for something. We've learned to love his floppy flawed ears. Good luck and maybe you'll have more success since you're trying it 3 months earlier than we did.

rohini u said...

thanks sandy!! i only just now saw your response (crazy busy life!), and ordered the glue this morning. my dog's now about 8 months old and his ears have perked up a little more -- hopefully the glue will help get them fully up, although it seems that now it may be a little too late. arg. anyway, thanks so much for the response!