Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jamie's Baby Bonnet Project

So this is Jamie's next fun project! He really is a knitting machine! He came up with a blog called Knit Purl & Brew, a blog on exploring knitting and coffee . It doesn't actually have any posts nor has he done anything to it yet but at least it's made. That's the first step I guess eh? So anyways he made this cute little bonnet. He made it the biggest size the pattern offers and of course it's so big it even fits his head!!

So the original pattern only had braids attaching the tassels but he decided to make it a bit more special. And of course knowing Jamie, he just HAD to try on his own work. So I made him pose with Khuno. And of course what's the fun in Jamie posing alone? So of course Jamie decided to try it on Khuno first! How tempting the tassels were for Khuno to chew!!

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!! Good night!

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