Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WUAC Wednesday

Well you might be wondering what the heck WUAC Wednesday means. I've been chatting with Jamie and we've both started a blog. You can find his HERE. So we're both in this non-announced race to see who can get more hits and views. He's way more hardcore than I am and I can hardly compete since he's got videos soon to go up on knitting tutorials and many other coffee reviews coming up as well.. Well I figured I better try something. So I decided to do what many other blogs do (not very creative I know) and have a specified card making/sharing day once a week. I've chosen Wednesday since that gives me usually Sunday night to work on it and if I'm lazy and procrastinate, I can work on it on Monday and Tuesday.

So I was trying to come up with some sort of catchy name like Kristina Werner's MACM. Jamie kept trying to coax me into "Wednesday's card club". I tried explaining to him that it's not really a club that I'm starting. I just wanna share something that I do and sometimes I find I need those blogs that share layouts or color combos and things that get my creative juices flowing. I finally decided on Whip Up A Card Wednesdays. Not too shabby of an acronym. WUAC. I'd pronounce it just like it looks. "Whack" Wednesdays. 

For the first WUAC Wednesday post (even though it took me so long to WUAC that it's almost Thursday) I am posting a thank you card that I made for my coworker. She had ordered 12 thank you cards from me and I managed to finish 11 of them and the last one I managed to take pictures of the process. So lets see how this goes. If it proves to be way more difficult than videographing myself then I might have to move that way. Although, I did have to listen to Jamie record himself showing his readers how to cast on and that wasn't too fun to listen to. It'll be my last resort. So here goes the picture posting/writing..

1. I had leftover very vanilla cardstock with chocolate chip textured CS from Christmas cards so I started out with that and the set Big Flowers from Stampin' Up! So I was inspired by a card I found on SplitCoastStampers. I don't have the exact card on hand but it used a variety of greens, browns and kraft with the set. I used a combination of old olive, close to cocoa and chocolate chip. I stamped some flowers and punched them out with the 1 1/4" circle punch, layered them onto another color and punched them out with the 1 3/8" punch. I tried using the scallop punch for one of the flowers but I didn't like how it looked.

I layered them down and realized they're missing a little something something so I busted into my embellishments drawer and found some antique-ish looking brads that I had. I don't remember if I got them from the dollar store or Michael's.

So before I had all the supplies that I do now, I used to take scissors to poke holes to put my brads through. Then I bought the Crafter's Tool Kit from Stampin' Up and for the small brads I use the paper piercer and mat. These brads were quite a bit bigger so I used the 1/16" circle punch and punched two little circles side by side (almost like a slit). If you don't have this itty bitty punch, it's definitely worth the $11.25 because it's great to add extra detailing to scalloped edges or punching little holes out on any artwork. It's better than piercing sometimes.
I fiddled and fiddled with different layouts and couldn't find anything that I liked so I had to change the base completely. I swapped out the very vanilla 5.5"x4.25" base and swapped in a old olive (you'll notice I love old olive) 6.25"x3.5" base and layered onto that with close to cocoa and very vanilla. I thought about leaving it like the picture and just stamping the sentiment on the bottom right but again, I felt like it needed a little something.

I was at Michael's last week and they had this great sale on ribbon. It was on those tiny tinee rolls where the ribbon is mighty skinny. They were going for 3 for $1.00!! So I picked up 9 rolls, all different colors. I added a bit of brown and for some reason it gives the card a bit of an asian feel for me. Kind of like a sliding door of some sort. Whenever I use brads I usually throw the item onto dimensionals because they just don't seem to glue well with just plain adhesive. So after popping all that up, all that was left was the sentiment.

I just hate stamping sentiments with a passion. It always ends up crooked one way or another. I find the Stamp-a-ma-jig works awesome. If you need a tutorial on how to use it, visit Kristina's blog HERE.
Well that's the end. It probably is easier doing a video but that card took a total of about an hour after I hummed and ha-ed and fiddled and changed. So until I get really good at deciding what looks good together, I'll stick to pictures. Hope you enjoyed the very first WUAC Wednesday!! (Thursday... lol) and goodnight!!

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Regan said...

I'm not sure what exactly does it for me on this card, but I love, love, love it....It's a great WUAC start!