Thursday, February 12, 2009

30th Birthday Card

Yet again another super early morning post. I sure do get a lot done in the wee hours of the morning. It's surprising how I stay up so late but yet I hated night shifts.

Now I just wanted to post something quick. My friend Arleigh (yes another Arlie, notice the spelling?) was asking for a 30th birthday card for a girlfriend of hers. Now the request was for a big 30 on the front, sorta funky and girly with perhaps some pink and purple. I think I've got most of those covered except for the funky part. I tried to do a black and pink combo earlier (for like 2 flipping hours) and failed miserably. So I went looking for some inspiration on one of my favorite blogs, My Life. I remember wanting to CASE this card from the day I saw it and now I had a chance! I didn't get it quite as nice of course but it turned out alright. Silke has some amazing work and she's as kind as kind can be. I've always loved how all her cards just ooze elegance and beauty. Anyways it's time for bed. Jamie's warming my side of the bed for me =)

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