Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WUAC Wednesday

So good morning everyone and welcome to the second Whip Up A Card (WUAC) Wednesday! In case you haven't caught on, it's actually 1:13 am and yes I've got to wake up and go to work tomorrow. But of course, I can't let my 3 loyal readers down and not have a WUAC project to show!! And I also didn't want to have only the second WUAC card posted on a Thursday like the first one happened to be... So it'll either be stay up late tonite or stay up late tomorrow night.
I was talking to my beloved Arlie today and she pointed out that last time I linked to Jamie's wonderful (and not gay) knitting and coffee blog, the link was broken. No I didn't sabotage just so he wouldn't get as many links. So I'm going to link it again and you can find his blog HERE. Perhaps I'll even try it out this time after I post it. But likely not since it'll likely be like 2 am by then. Anyways on with the post. If you had read the last post, you'll know that I purchased a little creature stamp set from Doodle Factory. Well I desperately wanted to make a card with the little guy named Zot so why not just do it right? My thoughts exactly. So in the picture is my new stamp set mounted on an acrylic block, a SU blender pen, Staz On, kraft colored cardstock and some water color paper.
So now if no one has told you this before, I'm telling you now. Staz On ink is absolutely fantabulous for not smudging when you color with blender pens or aquapainters but it's definitely a witch with a B to get off of your stamps. For a few bucks, just pick up a Staz On cleaner and it's presto! Clean brand spanking new stamp. It works like a bingo dauber and who doesn't like bingo daubers? Anyways I get off track way too much. I stamped little Zot in Staz On onto the watercolor paper. Doesn't he have quite a resemblance to the Wii game Raging Rabbids?
I was talking to Regan tonite and she had discovered this website when trying to search for mine. She found StampinStuff and from there she also found High Hopes Stamps. There she has these amazing cards that she colors with ink and also these Twinkling H20s. So I thought I'd try some more water coloring because her's look amazing. I obviously didn't do so hot. She gives a great tutorial HERE.

I gave up on the blender pens after two failed attempts and moved onto the beloved aquapainter. I started off coloring the entire image in a very light coat of Brocade Blue.

Then believe it or not, I took Pacific Point and went around some of the edges that a "sun would create shadow".

Then I went around one last time and put a bit more darker edges with Not Quite Navy. To give it a bit more oomph, I went around the edges of Zot with Sahara Sand just very lightly and pulled the color outwards.

So these are my three attempts. Boy it sure is a waste of watercolor paper. I figured out what part of the problem was after I reread StampinStuff's watercoloring tutorial. I don't think she tries to color the entire image lightly with a blender pen. It just caused my water to pill up. (is that the right way to describe it?) I think using a blender pen for the darker colors on the edges and stuff for shading would work a lot better. Can you tell which one my favorite is??

So here's the final product. I know it's super simple and plain but man I'm tired!! It's 1:49 am and I'm absolutely pooped. I finished off the card by layering it onto Night of Navy cardstock and then onto Kraft. The card is 3.5"x3.5". Super cute. At least I'd like to think Zot is super cute. Ok over and out guys. Nite.

P.S. I have no idea why the spaces are all weird. Blogspot is messed up like that sometimes and I cannot for the life or sleep of me get the spacing right no matter what I do. If anyone knows, please let me know as it'd save me tons and tons of minutes of my life. Ok 1:55 am, now it's truly over and out because I don't care anymore!!!


Laura Ly said...

Hey Sandy,

I checked out the HTML code for your blog post and the reason why you keep getting all the weird spaces is because blogspot keeps formatting your return keys into line breaks. What you want to do is take a look at the HTML view of your blogspot- ignore most of the formatting code within it- and look for this:

And this is where I would put the HTML code that you need to look for, but since blogspot won't accept HTML tags in comments, I'll have to e-mail it to you.

Send me an e-mail if you want me to continue the line break explanation.

jkhau said...

And while Sandy was working hard on her card and her WUAC Wednesday post, Khuno and I were blissfully sleeping on the couch - I was on the couch, Khuno was on the floor, he's not allowed on the couch.


Cynthia said...

My favourite would be a combo of the bright blue one and include the soft yellow glow behind it :) and Jamie.... I've seen you sleep blissfully on the ground before.

Regan said...

Okay, I have to say I'm still not a big fan of 'Zot', but I do like the bright one you chose, although I also have to agree with Cynthia regarding the yellow glow :)

Can't wait for my Twinkling H20s!!!

Regan said...

Yeah, I can finally comment!!!