Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Card

This beautiful v-day card is from my good friend Jinnee. Now don't be fooled by the card. I'm sure if must've taken her a LOOONG time because you can't really tell from the picture but the elephant is actually stamped on gray paper then CUT out!! And all the hearts on the main image are also cut out from pink cardstock then layered onto the main image. That's a LOT of work. Especially cutting out his little toes and stuff. It's a gorgeous card and I love how she used the tag because I can never find a cool way to put a tag on a card.

A second part of this post is about my new paper holder! Over the long weekend, Jamie and I stopped by Office Depot since it's going out of business. Seems to be happening quite a bit lately. First Linen N Things (which we have a flipping $50 gift card to... GRR) now even Office Depot! So there's this paper organizer thingee that was there for $25. It's on wheels and I really wanted something to hold more of my paper so I could free up some shelf space. I promised Regan I'll take a picture of the entire card thing but it's late and I'm tired so I'll just show you the top view of the card. It's two tiered but as I was filling it, I realized that if I fill it to any more than 1/2 full, I won't be able to access the bottom tier. So I made Jamie drive me back to Office Depot today to buy another one. There's about 4 of them let so if you're interested, GO NOW!! To the one on Calgary Trail and like 38th ave or so. Now you can't really see the full potential of this little cart but if you look to the top left, you can see the top of my desk. So this little paper cart actually fits PERFECTLY underneath my desk!! I was so excited. I just gotta move my sewing machine that's covered in dust over so I can fit both under there. And I also need to go get more hanging folders. But the way I've got it now is full sheets sit behind the manilla folders and all my scraps sit inside the manilla folders. Are they actually called manilla folders?? Anyways it's late and I've gotta work in the morning so g'nite and my next post will likely be for WUAC Wednesday!

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Regan said...

OMG, I love it!!! That is one of the cutest stamp sets!