Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baking For The Office

Well yet again I'm posting into the wee hours of the morning. It's 1:02 A.M. and I can't wait to brush and crawl into bed with the snoring Jamie that I can hear as I type this. I had really wanted to do some baking for the meeting tomorrow and I've had this idea in my head for a long time coming. Unfortunately I worked till 8 this evening, then had to race home, pick up Jamie and race to my parents for supper. On the way home I swung by Jinnee/Laura's place and by the time I got home and started up the oven it was about 11 pm!! So I hang my head in shame as I type this but I had to use prepackaged mix. It's Duncan Hanes and not even Betty Crocker!! I didn't realize until I had already walked out of the store. I know I was telling Jamie that I have way to much baking goods in the cupboard and I can't buy anything else until I bake all of it up but I just didn't have the time to whip up a cupcake recipe and start from scratch. So I used that photo because I like how it shows you the time!! Gah! I had to wait for the bloody things to cool before I could ice them and of course I also like how there's one cupcake missing and that missing cupcake is in my belly. It's definitely not the tastiest thing I've eaten and for some reason it's a ridiculously light cupcake. I swear you'd think the middle was hollow!! But it's not and the one in my belly can vouche for that.

Anyways, that cake thought I had in my head for a while was to use up all the darn red sugar I had bought. I didn't realize I already had one in my cupboard and I went out and bought another one!! I hate that! So I used a cut out heart template and tried to have little candy sugar hearts on the top. Some worked but unfortunately most didn't. Oh well.. it's late and I'm tired. The normal sized ones are for the HYF meeting tomorrow and the little itty bitties are for Jamie's office. Lets hope they make it through transport. =) G'nite!

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jkhau said...

Only some of them made it through transport to my office unfortunately; some of them made a detour to my tummy - yum