Friday, February 13, 2009

Paper On Paper is BORN! / Happy Valentine's Day!

So I nagged and nagged and Regan finally decided to make a blog!!! You can find it HERE. I'd really like to think that my constant bickering made her surcome to the blogging world. (Side note, I just went to to see how to spell surcome and I'm not really sure if it's really a word...) I think that having found the High Hopes Challenge, that really pushed Regan to make a blog because she told me you need a blog to enter. Who wouldn't want to enter to win loads of free stuff? Especially since the High Hopes collection is ridiculous cute.

Anyways, Regan came over today after an uneventful dim sum with the ladies from work (no chicken feet or cow stomach was consumed or so they think.... jk) we sat in my little crafty room and made cards. So as I'm typing this very sentence, a thought just crossed my mind... What if Jay (and I know that isn't how you spell it but I won't get creative cuz that will just make me look worse) comes and checks out the website and sees this card that's made for him? But now as I just typed that sentence I realized two things. 1. It's past midnight so it's technically already valentine's day so Regan will likely give the card tomorrow and Jay will likely not come and poke around on my blog. 2. It's flipping valentine's day and here I am blogging instead of making a valentine's day card for Jamie!!

So I guess this is really a two part post. The first part is dedicated to Regan. Check out her blog to see how she came up with her blog name. Now this second part is dedicated to Jamie. We've been together for 4 1/2 years now and at the beginning Valentine's day was a big deal. But I've definitely gotten lazy over the years and found Valentine's day to be just another day. I don't have anything special for Jamie but I did custom order this AWESOME donut key lanyard for Jamie from a fellow Etsian Enchanted Fairy. I think I remember her telling me it's made from polymer clay and she makes them all by hand!!! How insane is that? Now it may be hard to tell how big those mini donuts are but the small ones are just a touch smaller than a penny!! How she does it I have no clue but I love it and I hope Jamie does too. He's got this weird thing for donuts especially for the one that looks like Homer Simpson's donut with all the sprinkles. Jamie's probably not dreaming of the pink frosted donuts and sprinkles and definitely not dreaming of it in a heart shape but hopefully he'll like it. He's snoring away in the living room right now so I'll surprise him with it by leaving it on his pillow =)

So Cynthia kindly filled me in on how to spell SUCCUMB. Who would've thought that's how you spell it?? Geez... And Google wasn't quite smart enough to figure it out for me with the "Did you mean..."


Regan said...

Thanks for the mention, Sandy!! I still can't put a counter on my always comes up with 'error on page' :(

Cynthia said...

do you mean succumb? (I was trying to spell it succome LOL)