Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WUAC Sharing

So Regan called me earlier super excited about something and I find out she's completed her FIRST WUAC WEDNESDAY!! Now I know I didn't actually request that people play along and create something every Wednesday but Regan did get off her butt and Whipped Up A Card!!! I was just as excited as she was when she emailed me her cards. I've been trying to get her to start a blog but to no avail. So I've decided it'd be super fun to have WUAC Sharing posts!! Where anyone who WUACs can have their creations shared via my blog. So Regan is the first one. I heard through the grapevine that Arlie also made one so I'll harass her to get her daughter to take a picture and send it to me to add to this post. So I think we can get two regular contributors at least =) I love Mister Linky and I'm going to try and get it working.

Now if we're going to do a regular sharing of WUAC Wednesday cards I think we need to put a little something something for rules so it's also a bit challenging as well. (Although sometimes making a card is challenging on its own!) So I was thinking, as a general rule for WUAC Sharing, the card you WUAC has to use something from my WUAC Wednesday card. So this can be anything from the same colors, layout, sentiment, stamp set or technique. This week isn't fair because Arlie and Regan both made cards already. But for next week... =)

So I just published the post and the Mister Linky is there!! How exciting!! Remember the rules will apply next week!!


Regan said...

I think no's hard enough to make a card! :)

Sandy said...

lol ok ok no rules for regan. I think arlie is gonna try the rules.

arlie said...

This is very frustrating for me. I tried Flickr and I think I screwed something up. I doesn't show just one picture at a time. I think I need a step by step tutorial!

Sandy said...

hahaht thanks so much for trying though arlie!! i'll walk you through it in person or on the phone sometime!! by next WUAC for sure

Sandy said...

oh my goodness, it's sooo cool arlie!!