Monday, February 2, 2009

Ribbon and New Stamps!

What could be better than that?? Other than MORE ribbon and stamps?? So I got my order from Starving Artistamps. The stamps I ordered are from Doodle Factory and it's called Doodle Factory Creatures. And creatures they are indeed! Cost me a load of money to get them but I think it's totally worth it. They came as just a sheet of rubber with the etched designs. And I had to order a seperate sheet of foam adhesive with one side sticky and the other side clingy so I can use it with my acrylic blogs. You can order this cool cling stuff HERE. So what you're SUPPOSED to do is stick the entire full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of rubber with the stamps and place it on the entire sheet of the sticky foam. Unfortunately I was trying to be asian and cheap and conserve the clingy foam because I bought an extra stamp set, the little pug named Stewie. I wanted to make sure I could fit all my little critters AND pug Stewie so I cut them all out, placed them onto the sticky side and cut from there. Do NOT do that. I cannot stress it enough!!! What ended up happening was I couldn't get clean cuts of the foam like I did the rubber so I have all these little sticky-outtie foam bits and that stuff is SUPER sticky. Good thing I had my Stampin Up craft and rubber scissors. Even then, those got absolutely covered with sticky stuff and I have yet to try and clean them. Hopefully they clean well otherwise these stamps cost another $25!!

Another thing that I did (and made Jamie help with) was cut ribbon tonite. I'll be starting to sell ribbon bundles since you can never have enough ribbon but to buy all the colors would cost an arm and a leg, maybe even 1 1/2 legs.... So I've already got 14 of the 19 1/4" grograin ribbon but for a meer $20 you can have 2 yards of every single color. So this gives you an idea of how much ribbon you get. I haven't figured out how I'll package these little bundles of joy so they don't get all wrinkly and gross. They do have cut little name tags though so you can tell what color is what. I thought that'd be important since Jamie kept saying "Here's another green" when it was clearly a different green!!

Anyways I better get to bed. I'll try to wake up early and use my new stamps!!!

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