Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon COMPLETED!!

Well I survived. YAY! I was definitely nervous when we were driving out because I've never ran that distance before. It is also very windy today, but at least the sun is shining. Helps a little bit. We fell to the back of the pack fast. At the 1km mark we were quite far back already. Khuno wasn't at the window when we ran by the first time. I ended up taking a lot more walk breaks than I expected and eating the Fig Newtons helped a lot! My muscles were definitely getting fatigued at the half way mark and my foot/ankle were giving me issues too but it just got to a point where other parts hurt more than my feet so I just kinda forgot about it! The volunteers were amazing. It's a huge dedication for them to stand out there from like 8 till 2. It's really cold when you're not running. And they are always always so encouraging. Always cheering you on even if it was the first group we passed and it was like the 1.5km mark! The biggest struggle for me was definitely at the 15km mark. We stopped for our walk break and that's when I realized my knees were hurting. My right knee was just aching and aching with each step, but we had no choice but to start jogging again because we still had 6km to go!! Boy when they say the last 3 km are killer, they are RIGHT!! 
We ended up seeing our friend Darrell who was our picture taker at about the 18 km mark. We were walking at this point and he's like "At least try to look like you're running!" and "What took you guys so long? It's freezing!" That little jerk! He's running the one in two weeks if he isn't sent out of country for work. I'll be saying the same thing to him!! So that's the first picture. Then the other shots are us crossing the finish line. We don't have our exact times yet. That'll get posted in about 2 weeks. Our rough time is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Definitely not fast! But I made it under the 3 hour mark which was all I was hoping for. =) Now my right knee is super sore when I bend it. I just popped another ibuprofen and now I'm going to watch some Olympics and catch the zzz's. Yay! I completed my very first 1/2 marathon in the middle of winter! 


Van said...

Wow!!! As a brother who always thought I was more superior in sports.. I give you the full hands down. I don't think I could ever do a marathon... LOL But i want you too know I am pretty proud of you sis LOL keep it up if you still have any legs left..


Penny said...

YAY!! Congrats Sandy - awesome job! Hmmm...maybe next you'll be moving on to a full marathon, or maybe a triathlon?!