Sunday, February 21, 2010

Late Valentine's Day Post

This is a touch late but I still wanted to showcase the card that Jamie made me for Valentine's day. He's a pretty crafty little guy and he's always wanting to make things cooler than I do. The very first card he made me wasn't so hot. It was done on the computer and it was for our first Christmas together. The card said I love you but the 'I' was an eyeball and the heart was an actual heart, anatomically there. Then the second card he made was definitely cool. You can see it here. on my old blog. Well he definitely succeeded again this time because he made a slider card and didn't even have instructions to do so! It actually took me another day to realize that the arms moved. Now for those of you that know Jamie, does the card version of Jamie look ridiculously like Jamie?!?!? Now if only the card smelled like him too because right now, it smells like a Sharpie marker. 


Penny said...

I LOVE THIS!! It totally looks like! He could totally star in his own comic strip or something. Well, kudos to Jamie - he did it again!

Regan said...

This is completely AWESOME, and it totally looks like Jamie!

Sandy said...

bahahah I know right?!?!