Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well a lot of people already got big big boxes full of stamping goodies but mine just arrived today!! I know a lot of you likely saw these cute boxes Stampin' Up was sending out but I just think it's so cute how it has the little "Caution" statement because it's ohhhh so true! I was kinda disappointed that I only had one box waiting for me because I was so sure I bought enough stuff for two boxes but alas, big spending doesn't have to be on big items! So other then a ton of stamp sets, I got a TON of ribbon!! 

I just spent the last 2 hrs and 15 mins putting together some ribbon bundles for a few girls. Boy, I sure hope they appreciate it because it sure took a long time!! And doesn't it just look so much nicer than throwing it all in a ziplock bag? Just say yes so I don't feel like I've just wasted 2 hours of my life!! Now the other thing I was doing tonite was filling out little valentine's day cards! They're cute and tiny and just a little something something. I know they look very plain but in person they have a bit more of a wow factor. I sprayed the real red card stock with the shimmer mist and the images are all embossed with white powder. I love little 3x3 cards. The perfect little note to hand out that's bound to make someone's day!  

So it's 3 days now till the big race day! Today was the final run before the real race on Sunday. We did a quarter marathon today. Hahah Basically 10km but it just sounds more hardcore saying quarter marathon. Only because a lot of people don't know how long a marathon is and it sounds long. We did the quarter marathon in 1hr and 20 min. I don't know how my legs will hold up for the full half marathon because at like the 8 or 9 km mark my right foot was in rough shape. My foot was getting numb, my arch was starting to hurt, my ankles hurt and it just plain hurt with every step I took. So we got home and did some stretching and drank a huge glass of soy milk. Did you know that the optimal time to help your muscles heal is in the first 15 minutes after your workout? In that 15 minutes you should take in protein to help your body heal so that can be a glass of milk, protein shake or supper! And yesterday we got Khuno to come snuggle on the couch with us for about 10 minutes, then he got too hot. He was ooooh so cute and we tried to capture the picture. Take a little gander at the photos below! Now would you look at the time! Phew, 12:16, time for bed! 

This is Khuno sleeping by the door about 15 minutes ago and now he's awake and staring out the door. Watching and waiting for that darn Siamese outdoor cat with the bell on its collar. Stop taunting my dog already!!! 

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Penny said... the valentine's cards! And you guys look oh so comfy on the couch!
You're so productive...good for you! :)